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Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Bacoa Burger Barcelona 

WOW! this place simply does amazing burgers. I was in Barcelona for two days and I ate here twice! I could have easily eaten here over and over again. 

I loved the way that you could "design" your own burger. The concept was great. As you enter the restaurant there is a stand with menus and pencils. The menu has a number of options that allow you to customize the burger.

The burgers are chargrilled and the beef burgers are served medium, just as they should be.

You start from choosing the bap, or not... one of the options includes no bap!

Then you have a choice of beef. You can choose between organic or northern beef. 

There is a selection of beef and "other" burgers including chicken, lamb and vegetarian. 

Then you can add a variety of other toppings or even "double" up on the burger.

When you order you are given a burger holder, and an electronic number. You find a table and when the burger is made the server brings it too you. The Burger holder is great! It helps 1. hold the BIG burger and 2. catches the juices of the juicy burger! I have heard about "clean" eating and people must have been talking about this holder!

The Beer on draft is local, and a perfect partner to the burger, cold and crisp. 

All burgers come topped with tomato, cos lettuce, Spanish onion, and homemade mayo as standard.

On my first visit I opted for La Bocoa Burger - It is topped with smoked bacon, Irish Cheddar, Manchego semi-cured cheese, pickles and artisan spicy mustard.

I ordered the Patatas Bravas to accompany the burger. They come with spicy tomato chutney and roasted garlic alioli. I am craving this burger as I write up this post. It was perfect, chargrilled, juicy, and melted in the mouth. The burger was a taste explosion in my mouth. 

There is a great selection of sauces to compliment the burger and bravas. The Picante has a lovely heat, the ketchup and la Brava are also good. There is also a herby salt that was great on the fries (I tried some a friend had).

One of the eight had the pollo burger and added smoked bacon. I gave up taking pictures of everyone's food as mine looked too good to leave waiting. 

 I loved the deco of the place! you can see much more on the website, link below. It is modern and contemporary. The ethos of recycling is echoed in the interior where they used recycled plastic bottles to decorate the stairs.

On my second visit I opted for the Suiza Burger - topped with the standard toppings and potato rosti, Swiss Gruyere cheese. The burger was also great but I craved the La Bocoa again.

The Burger holder... now that is what I call "clean eating".

 The view  from my "usual" table!

What they say:

It’s a Hamburgueseria. Since 2010 we’ve been bringing high quality, freshly cooked burgers and hand-cut chips to our loyal fans. We believe fast food can also be good food with the right approach. The “hamburguesa” has been a staple on Spanish menus for decades. So with this as our inspiration – along with the rich variety of Spanish cheeses, hams and other quality products – we have given this old classic a new look and taste.

There are various locations in Barcelona. I have included the address of the one I visited... twice!

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