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Sunday, 27 March 2016


Review Meatcure (Leicester)

I was looking forward to trying another independent burger joint. My in laws looked after the kids so we went for an evening meal.

I love the Chipboard clad walls and industrial look of the restaurant.

The Burgers are Movie theme named. Some of which include the Raging Bull, the Pulp Fiction-Royale with Cheese and Smokey and the Bandit to name a few.

I went for the Smokey and the Bandit (£9.75). This is a beef patty, melted cheese, lettuce, tomato, smokey streaky bacon, caramelised onions, house mayo, mother sauce and a brioche bun.

The Burger came with copious amounts of fries (frozen rather than in store made).

The burger itself was good but I have had better. The bacon added depth. The patty moist saying it was cooked through and not left pink like some other gourmet burger places.

My wife had the Colonel Parker's Tribute (£9.75). House rub Southern fried chicken breast, lettuce, red onion, smokey streaky bacon, tarragon mayo and a brioche bun. This burger was a lot better then the one I had. I definitely had food envy.

What they say:

We went on a Saturday, it was busy and took a while to get served, but there were a few large parties in so it was not an issue.

I will be back here to give it another go, but there aer a few more places to try before I return.

visit there website:

Sunday, 20 March 2016

Derby Grammar Food Fayre

Derby Grammar School’s Food Fayre 2016

The promise was “…delicious produce from the local area’s finest independent retailers…” and the School did not disappoint!

This was the Schools fourth annual Food Fayre and is now a permanent fixture in the Thatfatfoodguy diary.

The event was well attended by exhibitors, it was busy yet intimate enough to talk to all the exhibitors individually about their products.

I sampled and/ or purchased items from the following: (thoughts and impressions below)
  • 4 Heavens Cakes
  • Barry Colenso Chocolatier
  • Battey’s Farm
  • CookEd
  • Deventio Brewery
  • Field Farm Wine
  • Fortey’s Fudge
  • Hackwood Farm
  • Julie's Pickles
  • The Little Larder
  • Little Friends Honey
  • Littleover Lodge
  • Nibble Nose Cheese
  • Oakfield Farm
  • The Loaf
  • Rachael's secret tea room

4 Heavens Cakes
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Amazing moist cakes full of flavour. I sampled all of the cakes, some on the day and some before. 
The baker is very talented and part of the Thatfatfoodguy family. Rosy the baker is my eldest sister so she gets a few extra pictures on this post. The reviews remain completely impartial as I am probably her most hard critic. It was her first event and she was nervous. There was no need the cakes went down a treat. Comments I heard included a customer saying “we just ate the best Black Forest cake ever”, I have to agree. 

The Black Forest cake was rich, moist combination of death by chocolate sponge, black cherry jam and chocolate butter cream, topped with black cherry jam and chocolate icing and cherries. (£2.50 a slice)

I think I will have to ask for another!

Another one of the large cakes was the Lemon Cake (Vanilla Sponge, Sicilian Lemon and Butter Cream, topped with Lemon Drizzle icing and mini meringues). (£2.50 a slice)

There were also a selection of cup cakes  (£2 each or £10 for 6) including:

Chocolate and Oreo (chocolate sponge, topped with vanilla butter cream and crushed Oreo’s)

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallow (chocolate sponge made with hot chocolate, filled with marshmallow and topped with vanilla butter cream, marshmallows, Moneo stick and hot choc dusting).

Pineapple and Coconut (made with coconut sponge and pineapple pieces, topped with coconut butter cream and fresh sliced coconut shavings)

Vanilla and Bubble-gum flavour frosting (vanilla sponge, topped with bubble-gum icing and blue pearls)

There were cakes including:

Coffee and Walnut cake (coffee and walnut sponge, filled and topped with coffee butter cream and walnuts) (£1.50).

Another of my favourites was  the Chocolate and Salted Caramel (death by chocolate, filled and topped with homemade salted caramel, chocolate butter cream and rolo’s) (£2.50)

Her first show was a resounding success, resulting in a sell out. Well done Rosy! 

Visit the Facebook page:

The Loaf:

Some great artisan loaves! I really wanted to try the Focaccia bread but it had sold out by the time I got round to going back... along with practically everything else.

 I did manage to get some rolls and they were great.

The Loaf is a bakery, cafe and deli in Crich near Matlock. They supply to Portobello and Jack Rabbits on Queen Street in Derby. The Pizza Night and Bread Making Courses sound great.

visit the website:

Barry Colenso Chocolatier

Chocolate fit for a (future) King!

"My proudest moment, however, came when the McVitie’s Cake Company approached me to help develop and create the Chocolate Wedding cake for Prince William and Catherine’s Wedding in 2011." .

I sampled the chocolate buttons in various flavours and they were good. The Dark chocolate were my favourite. My boys loved the white chocolate.

Visit the website:

Betty’s Farm

There was a great selection of food from Betty's. I ended up getting a Chicken Pillow (£5) for two, six eggs (£1) and a Scotch egg for (£1.50).

I was so full from the food fayre, that I could not manage a full meal when I got home. But I just had to try the chicken pillows. These were chicken fillets filled with sage stuffing and wrapped in their popular streaky bacon.  Definately very flavourful and we both agreed we cant wait to have these with all the trimmings! Yorkshires, roasts, gravy....

I had the scotch egg for my lunch on Monday. The delicate flavour of the cranberry and rosemary, gave this classic an interesting twist.

I will definitely be paying the farm shop a visit.

I like the ethos of Betty's:

We try to stick to the rule that 70% of our produce is local (within 20 miles) and the 20% is regional (from a county adjoining Derbyshire) and a minimal amount is sourced outside of that.

Visit the website:

CookEd -Jenny West

Cooked had a extensive selection of chutneys. I sampled a selection including the Bengal, rhubarb & chilli and mango. The chutneys were a explosion of perfectly blended flavours and spices. The Bengal heat builds slowly leaving a nice warmth in your mouth. The mango would go great with some spicy poppadoms.

Other flavour combinations include banana and date, apple and onion, apple and date to name a few. CookEd has an extensive number of amazing chutney that would enhance any meal. Bring on the cheese and crackers.

Like Jenny said "Chutneys are for life and not just Christmas".

Fortey’s Fudge

Wow this was fudgetastic!

Handmade local fudge. I tried various flavours and ending up buying the chocolate orange, mint chocolate and Christmas pudding. I did not get to try the Marshmallow so will have to pop down to the shop in Melbourne.

vist the Facebook page:

Deventio Brewery

I did not get a chance to try or buy any of these. But will do on a night out soon. 

Hackwood Farm

These golden scotch eggs looked and tasted so good!

I had already purchased a few bits from Betty's, but Hackwood farm is on the list to visit soon.

visit the website:

Little Friends Honey

Tried some great local honey from native Littleover bees.

There are also some beeswax candles.

Visit the facebook page.

Bentleys Restuarant (Littleover Lodge)

I tried the goats cheese, ham hock and the chocolate brownie, WOW the food did not only look amazing it tasted it too!

I can wait to eat there if the bits I tried were anything to go by, especically the brownies, with hazel nuts and an orange gel.

Visit the website:

The Little Larder (catering company)

Was good talking to these two ladies. I had a couple of tries of the lemon pepper chicken. Delicious!

Nibble Nose Cheese

The three cheeses I sampled were amazing. I tried the Chilli, Garlic and Charcoal Cheese. The cheeses were available at £3.50 for one, £10.00 for three or £20.00 for seven. I loved all the ones I tried and would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone. The Charcoal Cheese were particularly interesting being a black cheese containing real charcoal. It tasted great.

Rachael's secret tea room

Rachel was selling scones and handmade shortbreads. There were some great flavours Chai Spiced Tea, Earl Gray and Lavender, Matcha Green Tea and Vanilla, Butterscotch and Hot Cross Bun. My favourite was the Chai Spiced tea and my boys loved the butterscotch.

I have tried some other great treats made by Rachael before, and all have been really great. Racheal has a Secret Tea Room in, Shhhhh its a secret! I can confirm its in Derbyshire, and that is not breaking the secret as it is on her website. It's a great concept and great food.

Visit the website:

I spotted these but was too full to try anything else! By  Oooh la laa crepes & cakes.

The blackforest cake was so good I thought it deserved another picture.

There were also two cooking demonstations by Chef Chris Parry. I missed the first but got to see Chris make a caramelised pinapple, with caramel sauce and chantily cream.

I was great speaking to Chris who has some great things planned. A peak at his facebook page shows some of the amazing food he makes.

I have always be to scared to make my own caramel, I still am but after watching Chris and trying his I definately want to give it a go.

This dish was amzing.

Looking forward to trying more from the great exhibitors in the future.