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Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Barbeque Express

Review - Barbeque Express (Derby)

This is a great little place and the food always hits the mark. The staff are helpful and I recommend the piri piri whole chicken. (Its best to call ahead if you want it "skin off"). The whole chicken is "my usual" but we fancied a change on this visit.

There is something about charcoal cooked meat and fresh naan that never fails to satisfy. The aroma, the the sounds, the taste.

We shared two dishes on this occasion.

We had the Lamb Seekh Kebab (£3.20) served with a naan and salad. These are one of my favourite seekh kebabs. There are many restaurants that use what must be "ready made" kebabs, but here you know they are freshley made. They are cooked to order before your eyes.

We also ordered Masala Fish (£4.00) served with naan or chips. The fish is delicately flavoured with spices and they crisped up when deep fried. Hmmmm the fish is crispy and spicy. This dish is also sometimes known as "fishfry". If you fancy a differnt take on fish and chips give this a go.

I will be back there this weekend for Piri Piri Barbeque Chicken and Lamb Kebabs

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What they say:

At BBQ Express we strive for prompt, efficient and courteous service to leave an impressionable mark on our customers. BBQ Express success looks to continue for years to come.

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