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Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Ben's Cookies


We stumbled across Ben's Cookies, whilst walking through the covered market in Oxford. We are so glad we did.

The cookies are big, soft, gooey and  chewy! A deadly combination. There were score's of tourists and school children in the queue when we walked past so we popped off for a bite to eat on the promise  I would take my son back if he ate all his dinner.

There is an decent selection of 12 varieties, see the picture below for details.

I went for the triple chocolate, as did my son. my wife went for the fruit and nut with milk chocolate. I sampled some of hers for reviewing purposes. Great cookies and available at many locations but not the Midlands sadly.

Not ever purchased the cookies by weight before, we paid about a fiver for 3 cookies. Worth every penny.

What they say:

Baking with chunks not chips since 1983.

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