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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Louis Louis @ Das Kino

Louis Louis Pizza & Deli Emporium

We were invited to the pre-opening night of the pop-up restaurant Louis Louis Pizza and Deli Emporium at Das Kino.

The place was absolutely packed on the night we went. Having never been Das Kino before I did not know what to expect.

The place looks great, its a stripped back industrial homage to German cinema. It has three table tennis tables, a copper bar and neon lights.  I managed to bat a few stray ping pong balls back with the wooden clip board attached the menu I was reading.

I will apologise now for the pictures they do not do the food justice, but in my defence it was very busy and we were standing.

Dishes were going out for all to sample,  and it was a good to try a selection of the dishes on the menu.

The first pizza we sampled was the  Costa Del Kino. (14" £12.00, 9" £8.00) Chorizo, Chargrilled red pepper, rocket, and (homemade) Chorizo oil on the tomato base.

WOW... this pizza was amazing. It would have been the one I would have picked from the menu if dining there. The toppings, sauce and thin and crispy base were a truly great combination and the chorizo oil  and peppery rocket gave a fresh hit.

Next we were given the Pull-Apart Pretzel (£6.00), These are oven warmed soft pretzels served with houmous, balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

These did what they said on the tin! They were warm, very soft and extremely light and extremely moreish. We also saw other ones go out with different toppings such as poppy seeds.

Next we tried The Hacksaw Jim Duggan (you would need a two-by-four to prize this off me!). (14" £12.00, 9" £8.00) This has chicken, smoked streaky bacon, Applewwod smoked cheese, roasted red onion, Louis Louis BBQ drizzle. The Pizza's were coming out, consistently thin and crispy. I loved the combo on this one. 

Next we had the You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat (14" £12.00, 9" £8.00). This pizza is on a garlic base and topped with hot smoked salmon, anchovies, capers, black olive tapenade, lemon oil and spring onion. This had one topping I did not like, anchovies.  Apart from them it was really nice. I could have eaten lots of the tapenade. 

Was great when the Costa De Kino came around again.

My wife said that Louis Louis served the best Pizza she had ever had... and I have to agree. We will come back here for a proper sit down meal.

Pizza with real a-peel (sorry the bad puns appear through my blog)

 The Menu

Louis Louis facebook page

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