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Thursday, 27 August 2015


Barfia (Birmingham)

Barfi is a milk based sweet confectionery from India (a type of mithai). Originally from the northern part of India, the name is a derivative of the Hindi word for snow and ice. It  has been compared to fudge by way of comparison.

Traditional flavours include, cardamom, rosewater, pistachio, almond, chocolate and coconut. Barfia however gives this Indian classic a very modern twist. See a selection of Barfia's flavours below.

My wife, two of my sisters and niece went on a shopping trip to Birmingham and stopped at Barfia for a treat. They sent me the picture below. The slightly bruised apple on my desk lost even more appeal!

When I got home I was pleased to see the box below waiting for me.

Barfia's Flavours in my box included:

Candy Floss
Mint Chocolate
New York Cheesecake
Peanut Butter
Maple Syrup and pecan

Modernizing a  classic can sometimes have horrible results, but these guys have nailed it! My favourites, in my box were the New York Cheesecake followed closely by the bubblegum and Maple Syrup. The flavours were actually as described I got each one in the first bite. They only one I did not like was the Banoffee.

What they say:

Barfia is the first Indian barfi house to bring an artisan twist to traditional Indian sweets. Classic Indian favourites are given a new lease of life, infused with western elements and beautifully presented, resulting in a modern and sophisticated range of Indian confectionery.

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  1. A truly amazing place. Will definitely be going again! Heard they are coming to Leicester soon - hoorah 👍🏼