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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Full English Breakfast

The weekend.

I love the weekends, especially breakfast. During the working week you make do with cereal, cold toast, breakfast biscuits or some fruit. You just have to grab whatever you can. The weekends are so much more relaxed.

We were entering for breakfast this morning. Three meat eaters and a vegetarian. I decided bacon, sausages (chipolatas), poached eggs, large mushroom and cherry tomatoes.

I won't really go through a recipe as the "Full English" is personal preference. I rarely have the same things on mine. My Torka Beans go great with a full English.

The toast, my favourite bread for toasting is thick cut white bloomer.

The mushrooms and tomatoes:  I  slice the tomatoes in half and coat them and the mushrooms in olive oil and season with Himalayan pink sea salt and black pepper. I bake the mushrooms for 20 mins and the tomatoes for 15 mins both at 200C.

The Sausages and Bacon: I like to griddle both, The charring looks good and adds flavor.

Poached eggs: you need fresh eggs, at room temp, I break each one into a separate ramekin then tip them slowly into simmering water with a dash of vinegar. The eggs take three to four minutes to cook.

The the vegetarian option, I mashed an avocado with a squeeze of lime, salt and pepper.

Served with tomato ketchup,chilli sauce and BBQ sauce.


  1. I can confirm this breakfast (and company) was great. Cheers Fat Food Guy!

    (Posting again because I had spelling mistake in the last one!)

  2. The veggie breakfast looks great will try that