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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Sausage cakes?

What do you do when you make Bangers and Mash and you have leftovers?

Today we had bangers, mash, fried onions, Yorkshire puddings and gravy for dinner.

After plating up, there was still a sausage, some mash and fried onions left, my eldest had eaten at nursery and only wanted a little bit.

What to do with the leftovers?

In a moment of genius I thought...

Thinly slice the sausage, mix it through the mash and fried onions, then shape it into a "fishcake". The  frying pan was still on the hob so I turned on the gas. The pan still had oil in it. I pan fried patty for 2 minutes on each side and the Sausage cake was born.

I will be making these again and serving with a poached egg or two!

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  1. Wow , genius , will be trying this out on my kidlets , thanks fat food guy 👍🏻